The Entire Patient Financial Journey, Simplified

LumaFinancial's planned modules support even more of the patients financial experience:

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Financial support for your existing workflows

For example, complete copay and patient intake in one easy step 

Integration with your EHR

No manual updates (requires InstaMed or Salucro)

Multilingual financial reminders

More transparency for all

Patient-staff chat

Help without waiting on hold




Ready to learn more about LumaPay?

Request a demo to learn more about the ways that LumaPay can provide your patients with a better financial journey and save your staff time during check-in.

In the demo, we will also discuss:


  • All the use cases of LumaPay
  • How to get started with LumaPay
  • Highlights of the EHR integration and pushback details
  • How it works with the rest of our platform